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Thoroughly Researched, Sensibly Argued
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Mark Sharf, Esq.

Practicing in the areas of Bankruptcy & Related Litigation

Located in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, Arguing Cases Nationwide

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Mitigating Risks While Enforcing Rights

Legal Representation | Chapter 11 | United States | Sharf Law Firm


A victory in one case can have lasting impacts, while a single loss can echo into future disputes.  Advancing a client's position in a way which does not always necessitate litigation is an art form we strive to perfect.


Nimmer on Copyright, Chisum on Patents, Moore's Federal Practice & Procedure, Collier on Bankruptcy .. just a small sample of the over 100 legal treatises in every practice area which we pay to have access to.  We are the only comparably sized firm we know of to subscribe to both Westlaw and Lexis.

Legal Research | Lawyer, Mark Sharf | USA | Bankruptcy
Creditor Representation | Sharf Law Firm | Chapter 11 | United States


We use Compulaw services to ensure that the State and Federal Rules, the Local Rules and the Judge's own "local local" rules are complied with in every case, every time.

Mark Sharf, Lawyer | United States | Sharf Law Firm

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Expertise Applied Methodically

Bankruptcy Litigation | Chapter 11 | Mark Sharf, Attorney | USA


Expert Guidance

Having represented bankruptcy trustees for years, and with deep roots representing institutions in all aspects of Chapter 11 cases in Delaware, New York, Viriginia and California, we are ideally suited to counsel you.


Legal Research Is Our Strength

We use Westlaw's extensive database of treatises to research your case thoroughly using the most advanced tools available.  Combined with 30 years of experience our goal is to achieve an optimal outcome in every case.

Comprehensive Analysis | Legal Research | United States | Sharf Law Firm
Litigation Approach | Mark Sharf, Lawyer | USA | Bankruptcy


Logic, Emotion and Credibility Wrapped into One

Logical arguments can be perceived as unfair.  And points which are too forcefully argued can be counter-productive.  Combining logic, emotion and credibility into one consistent whole is our approach.

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Mark Sharf | Bankruptcy Attorney | Legal Representation | USA

Mark is a tenacious Bankruptcy Lawyer who knows "nuts and bolts' and the "iceing on the cake" being smart and practical at the same time

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Mark Sharf, Lawyer | United States | Sharf Law Firm

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